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Any Sim blogs?

This is the first time in a while that I have been back on here and all the blogs I used love dont work/ havent posted in months or years! >.<


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Ocean Gem - a small stilted home for your Sims with the world’s most crappy name.

Lot size: 30x30

Requirements: I have all EPs and SPs, apart from Diesel and Katy Perry Sweet Treats. However, I don’t think I used anything from SPs. Also, you will need to be patched to the latest 1.55 patch so that you can use the building over water feature.

Size: 53.47MB

This lot is extremely CC heavy. I wasn’t going to release it but I had a lot of messages asking me if I would. Download at your own risk. I will not be held responsible for computers exploding and games going screwy. My computer can more than handle it, I’m not entirely sure how much lag you will get on slower and older computers and/or laptops (but you can remove what you like and change patterns).

This comes in Sims3Pack only. It uses lots of CC, some custom patterns and some store items. All the store items came from decrapped sets and worlds, so I am assuming they will show up in your game too. If not, they should be replaced with something similar :) I’ve ran it through Custard, it’s got no corrupting or conflicting nonsense with it. Tested by Veronsim - thank you, lovely!

I have placed this lot in Sunlit Tides, but you don’t need to own that world to get this to work.

This is a list of all the CC I know is included. I haven’t put the direct links to things because I don’t know them myself. Plus it will take me the rest of my life to find and I have a job and a child to deal with. The most I can give you is the creators link. Stuff that isn’t listed is from EPs and the decrapped version of Sunlit Tides (the link to which no longer works. Google is your friend for a copy of it). Patterns are impossible to track down but I haven’t used anything that is too far from what is already in game.

OUTSIDE: Rocks | Various plants |  More plants | Butterflies | Beach signs | Various palm trees | Potted palm | Potted palm 2

KITCHEN: Shutters | Cocktail Sign | Hanging balls | Deco bottles | Sink | Bananas | Cooker Hood | Food processor | Fridge | Rack of herbs | Pot rack

DINING AREA: Native Rugs | Tiki picture | Bench | Bench cushions | Table | Fruit Bowl

LIVING ROOM: Bar | Lights | Ivy Pot | Native Rugs | Boat (by RepulsiveDesire - set is ‘To The Lighthouse’) | Sofas | Fiscus plant | Basket end table | Shells (by RepulsiveDesire - set is ‘To The Lighthouse’) | Floor Cushions

BEDROOM: End tables | Candles | Native Rugs | Blanket | Books | Canopy | Pillows

BEDROOM BALCONY: Twig Canopy | Hanging Chair | Table & chairs | Hammock

BATHROOM: Sink | Mirror | Wall plants | Pebbles | Curtains

BUILD MODEOpen Doorways | Doors | Windows

TOU: Do whatever you want to it. Take out all the CC, paint it yellow, extend it. Use it in stories, as a crack den, burn it down. I really don’t care :)

Download: Dropbox

I wish my computer didnt suck cause this house is soooo beautiful!!!!<3

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I went to check on my family while Evan was at work. I come back to find him reading a book NAKED!! So I started taking pictures of his secret shame, he stops reading, puts his book away and gives me this look! 


~Look I didn’t tell you to get naked and read you did that on your own!!~

  Evan: I will get you for this Sim Goddess!!

I’m sensing a theme…

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I don’t even know why I came home!!!! -_-